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Postby Don Nicely » Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:42 am

In studying the history of the Finley River Strain I always have an eye open for hounds that remind me of the hounds of the past from this strain. Since it has been over 55 years since Finley River Chief was born a person might think the traits of the old Finley River Strain wouldn't be showing up. But I have found out that there are still hounds that have been bred up close to the Finley River Strain and they are still passing on these traits through their pups and grand pups.

The wonderful and frustrating thing about dog breeding is depending how the genes line up you may end up with a very dominate producer that passes on the traits you are looking and breeding for OR end up with a hound that isn't a dominate producer because of the gene lineup. Some are better at trying to figure this out then others are but after the cross is made all anyone can do is hope the genes line up the way they are trying to breed to get the traits they are breeding for.

As a younger guy I was fortunate to have been around a lot dogs that were close bred on the Finley River Strain. I hunted some of Mr. Derden's hounds for him. He was breeding his hounds on Finley River Chief and Shetler's Sonny Boy. From that experience it showed me some of the traits that were in the background of these hounds that make up the strain called Finley River. After and during that experience I was exposed to numerous hounds bred up close on the Finley River Strain with the numerous good traits that the fans of this strain desire and look for.

When I am fortunate to observe a hound of today that has numerous traits of this past I pay attention to them because that is a good sign they may have the brought the genes forward that made this strain famous and popular. I have seen a few hounds that have shown me they are putting these traits in their pups. I'll list one of the hounds I have noticed and later on will list some of the other ones but I wonder how many more of these type of hounds are out there that we may not know are out there? The old coon hound tied out behind the barn that has never seen or been in a hunt.

One of the hounds of today that has caught my eye in reference to the hounds of the past is GRAND CHAMPION FINLEY RIVER BUDDY.

Buddy goes back to Finley RIver Chief over 50 times. Grand Nite Champion Monroe's Finley River Joe, Grand Nite Champion Mear's Finley River Dan, Grand Champion Nite Champion Richardson's Vickie, Grand Nite Champion Claxton's Finley River Spot, Grand Nite Champion Spring Creek Smokey, Finley River Chief Jr., Nite Champion Rash's Iowa Polly, Nite Champion Flat Branch Joker Chief, Grand Nite Champion Harrod's Kentucky River Jack, Dual Grand Champion Kentucky River Jill, Grand Nite Champion Finley River Buck, are just a few of the pups or grand pups of Finley River Chief that had an influence on the breed or strain.

In looking at pups and grand pups of Finley River Buddy it is like going back in time. People who are really familiar with this strain will know what I am talking about. He goes back to Monroe's Finley River Joe at least 10 times and Mear's Finley River Dan at least 13 times. He also goes back to Claxton's Finley River Spot and Spring Creek Smokey at least a couple of times each. Richardson's Vickie is in his pedigree at least 5 times and Rash's Iowa Polly at least 4 times, two of Chief's good reproducing daughters. Add Finley River Chief Jr. and Flat Branch Joker from some of Chief's famous crosses. Also he has one of Finley River Chief's half sisters in his pedigree at least 7 times.

From looking deep into his pedigree it is obvious why he is producing so many of the old Finley River traits. How many other hounds out there have the pedigree and genes lined up to create a hound that produces the desirable traits of the Old Tyme Finely River Hounds that people may have never heard of?


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Postby Trey Miller » Thu Oct 04, 2012 9:28 pm

Where could somebody find a Finley River female? Preferably in Georgia, i've been advised by a good friend of mine to find one to breed to my male. He and myself really like that old school bloodlines.
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